Oot'n'Pik Music Management presents

At Westfield House, 94 St Mary's Road, Ealing, London W5


Thursday 12th April

Doors Open at 7pm/ Starts at 8pm/

Tickets £9 in advance - available at door also.

Hannah Johnson


Oot'n'Pik is the brainchild of Country music writer and broadcaster Chris Smith - with the emphasis on the brain.  Chris is a member of Mensa, the high IQ society, and in addition to his scribblings in Country Music People magazine and weekly show Now That's Country Music on 105Uckfield FM Chris is responsible for the Country Music Interest Group within that august body.

And it is his ability to think laterally, see a different angle and spot a new opportunity which makes Oot'n'Pik a music management and promotion company with a difference. We have nothing against the conventional approach and frequently advise that as the best option but if a little off the wall twist is going to grab attention and achieve the objective better, sooner, bigger, grander - then why not?

Whilst Chris's main interest is Country music the thought processes readily transfer to any genre - after all back in the day he worked with such diverse talents as Mud. The Hollies, Sweet Sensation, Mungo Jerry, Babe Ruth, The Tremeloes, The Equals, The Tweets and Pans People.

We take the view that providing an act with help and advice on promotions, presentation or negotiations with labels or other promoters does not give us the right to demand they sign a long term contract with us. Whether you need our help on all or just a part of your career, Oot'n'Pik can and will come up with a fair deal. 


The Ponderosa Aces

"Wow! That wasn't just a gig, that was a whole experience." So said one new Aces fan after a show on the April tour. That person had come along because they were unsure exactly what outlaw country was; and as you can surmise they were very pleasantly surprised. Enquiries now invited for the 2018 tour. New album very soon.

Doug Adkins

Montana native Doug Adkins has been based in Europe since 2000 bringing his excellent brand of real country music to audiences across the continent.  Doug tours with a truly excellent band and delivers the perfect mix of line dance favourites and great original songs. Contact us for UK availability.

Babe Ruth

For those perhaps too young to remember Babe Ruth established themselves as supremely talented trailblazers in the 1970’s,  developing a fan following still fiercely loyal to this day.

The Dana Ali Band

The Dana Ali Band is a Neo-soul Band formed by Dana Ali and Dave Hewitt, the band takes elements of Soul, Jazz, Blues, R&B with Latin and Funk Rhythms to create a fresh and distinctive sound.

Jenny Haan of Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth have been described as “an enigma” “renegades” ” a wisp of incredible imagination” “iconic” and “Legends” – they, and lead singer Jenny Haan, have always been all of these; known for creating innovative music carried along on a wave of powerful sound.

The Bron Buick Band

Devotees of the British blues and pub rock scene in the 1970’s and 80’s will be pleased to see the unique talent that is Bron Buick, after a long hiatus, back and rocking with an exciting new line-up to kick some butt just like he did in the good old days.

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A Unique & Memorable Experience

                                                      NOW THAT'S COUNTRY MUSIC



Join Chris Smith every Wednesday evening at 7pm (UK) for two hours of the country music tracks he personally enjoys. So - classic country, Outlaw, honky-tonk, Bluegrass, Western Swing, and memorable hits from two or three decades ago.


We find time for the best of the up-coming British country talent too, and from time to time welcome a special guest for interview.


You can listen to previous interviews soon on Chris's Country Conversations. Watche this space.




During the show you can contact Chris by email - studio@uckfieldfm.co.uk or by joining in the chat room (Uckfield FM Online)


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