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 April/May 2019



For many years John Beland was the go to guy for quality country guitar. He was a long term member of Linda Ronstadt’s touring band, musical director for Rick Nelson and a Burrito Brother. He worked with Kris Kristofferson, Arlo Guthrie, Dolly Parton and many more.

John is coming to the UK in 2019 to promote his book “Best Seat In The House” which recounts the stories of those exciting and heady years. Audiences in the United States have been enjoying these evenings for a while, John entertains with a collection of anecdotes and songs with which he was involved in one capacity or another ......   you may well be surprised how many huge hits have John Beland on guitar.



Dates are being confirmed for April/May 2019 – promoters interested in a booking should contact chris@ootnpik.com to discuss.   

The Burrito Brothers (Gib Guilbeau and John Beland) 1983 in New Zealand performing "She's a friend of a friend" written by Gib Guilbeau and John Beland.


Join Chris Smith every Wednesday evening at 7pm (UK) for two hours of the country music tracks he personally enjoys. So - classic country, Outlaw, honky-tonk, Bluegrass, Western Swing, and memorable hits from two or three decades ago.

We find time for the best of the up-coming British country talent too, and from time to time welcome a special guest for interview.


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