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We are delighted to be working with this truly iconic band.

For those perhaps too young to remember Babe Ruth established themselves as supremely talented trailblazers in the 1970’s, releasing albums which have become sought after collectors’ items and developing a fan following still fiercely loyal to this day. Rock legends Manfred Mann, Roxy Music and Humble Pie have all opened shows where Babe Ruth topped the bill.

Babe Ruth’s “The Mexican” has become the definitive BBoy anthem; the band performed the song at Brixton Academy in 2002 for the BBoy Championships Finale, prompting them to include a re-recording “The Mexican Millenium” on their 2006 album Que Passe. Sony Playstation honoured the band by including the track on their “BBoy” game release.

Those original band members, who have built individual reputations in composing, producing, lecturing and session work with some of the biggest names in the business, have come together for a new album and selected concert and Festival appearances through 2017.

Babe Ruth are:

  • Jenny Haan – Vocals
  • Alan Shacklock – Guitar and vocals
  • Dave Punshon – Keyboards
  • Ed Spevock – Drums
  • Dave Hewitt – Bass

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